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Our current and upcoming giveaways!

 Instagram and Facebook Post Contest.

    • Time period: Ongoing.  
    • Prize:  Your choice of 7 free Lily and Lauras.
    • Every post we re post is a winner!
    • To enter:  Follow us and create an exceptional post featuring Lily and Laura Bracelets on your own Instagram or FB feed. Tag us both on the post and include @lilyandlaura in the description.
    • We'll review all the posts we're tagged in and will choose our favorites to post on our main feed.
    • If you're a winner we'll feature your post on our feed and tag you! We'll also mention you in the description. We'll DM you a discount code for 7 free bracelets!  
    • This is open to anyone! Have fun and get creative!
    • Check out our past winners for inspiration!

Thanksgiving Facebook Giveaway

    • Time Period 11/22 -11/24/18
    • Prize:  Your choice of 3 free Lily and Lauras.
    • Number of winners:  7
    • To enter: tag at least two friends in a comment below the post.
  • Thank you all for participating!  Our randomly chosen winners are: Abigail Schuette, Niki Orebaugh Zenzen, Holly Westbrook, Sarah Sauer-Napolitano, Rebekah Winters Barton, April Littlefield, and Alicia Marie. 

November Instagram Giveaway 

    • Time Period 11/4 -11/6/18
    • Prize:  Your choice of 3 free Lily and Lauras.
    • Number of winners:  7
    • To enter:  follow us on Instagram:  lilyandlaura
    • Tag two of your friend on our Instagram November Giveaway post.
    • Winners announced by 11/7/2018.
  •  THANK YOU ALL for participating! You’ve helped us spread the word about the little works of art our ladies in Nepal are creating! Just by entering you all have made a difference. WINNERS:@marcelinam@zoegee77@jodykbrown@kristinake@cora_wall_@alyssarogers97@t_lambe

  Fall Giveaway - Finishes

    • Time Period:  10/7/2018 - 10/18/2018
    • Prize:  Your choice of 7 free Lily and Lauras.
    • Number of winners:  7.
    • To enter: Be a follower of lilyandlaura on Instagram and/or like Lily and Laura on FB, like our Fall Giveaway post and tag a friend in a comment beneath it between 10/7/18 - 10/14/2018.
    • 7 winners will be announced on 10/15/2018.
  • Here are the winners!  We chose four winners from Instagram as follows:  I moved the sidebar up and down continually covering all the comments until Lily said stop while looking away.  Then I moved the mouse on top of the comments and up and down continually until she said stop again.  The name it landed on was one of the following winners.  In Facebook we did the same thing with the comments. 
  • Instagram winners: 
    • @______Dani______
    • @wild.nectar.apiaries
    • @jilliemac2109
    • @maryfranceslimited
  • Facebook winners:
    • Emily Rogers
    • Becky L. Bock Henderson
    • Mia Rothrock Roth
  • We'll DM the Instagram winners with their code for 7 free bracelets.
  • We'll comment under the comments of the FB winners for them to messageus for their code.
  • Thanks for entering everyone and remember to give our ongoing post contest a try!!!