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Dave's Velomobile Blog

Boulder, Colorado to Osprey, Florida October 30th, 2022

I had been looking forward to this multi day velomobile  adventure for months!  (A velomobile is basically a recumbent bike with a lightweight aerodynamic shell.)  The questions about the possibilities of the improved route between Colorado and Florida would soon be answered.  I had spent hours trying to determine a better course than I had traveled between these two points twice before.  I changed the course to avoid country roads full of potholes in Mississippi and Alabama that I had ridden twice before. The flatter terrain versus crossing of the Ozarks along the Trans Am route in Missouri was a...

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This is a Velomobile!

  A velomobile is a human pedal powered vehicle. It’s recognized as a bicycle by law enforcement and is legal to use on any roads and highways that allow bicycles. It’s basically a lightweight recumbent bike (tricycle) that’s enclosed in carbon fiber for aerodynamics and weather protection. There's room inside for groceries and luggage so you can use it for shopping and traveling. There is no motor other than you. On flat roads it can easily go 30+ mph for hours. For the same effort you would put into a fast road bike to go 20mph you would be going...

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