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This is a Velomobile!


A velomobile is a human pedal powered vehicle. It’s recognized as a bicycle by law enforcement and is legal to use on any roads and highways that allow bicycles. It’s basically a lightweight recumbent tricycle that’s enclosed in carbon fiber for aerodynamics and weather protection. There is no motor other than you. While you don't have to buy gas you eat a lot when doing interstate travel so you end up stopping to fuel up as often as  you were if driving. On flat roads it can easily go 30+ mph for hours. For the same effort you would put into a fast road bike to go 20mph you would be going 30mph in this Milan SL velomobile on flat or gently rolling roads. It's really comfortable to drive and so it's possible to go 200+ miles per day, day after day pedaling for 12 or more hours a day. It’s so comfortable that you can pull over and take a nap. It really feels like you’re inside a rocket and even though the windows are small you can see really well all around and the side view mirrors work really well too. There is a NACA duct in the front that keeps the inside cool at 20mph+. You can open the hood when climbing to keep cool too. It's covered with bright vinyl and reflective tape and has bright taillights to be as visible as possible for safety.

When I'm pedaling I stay on the shoulder if there is one as long as it's not full of debris and hope I didn't cause you to slow down if you were in a hurry. I apologize if I did. Thank you for sharing the road with me!  I hope someday more people can enjoy this sport. It's  so comfortable and fun to travel and be outdoors in this way.  There's more about velomobiles and velomobile adventures here:   

If you love to bicycle fast or bicycle road tour then I think you'd really like being a velonaut. I think almost everyone would really like the experience.

If you'd like to shop for a velomobile the very cool global production headquarters is here:

Some of my longest rides: Coast to coast in the Trans Am Bike race 2018, (4,200 miles with about 165,000' of climbing), in 17 days and 20.5 hours.  647 miles in 24 hours (2018) and 344 miles in 12 hours (2022) at Bike Sebring in Florida.  Also twice from Florida to Colorado in 12 days.  And once from Sarasota, FL to Austin, TX.  My personal best 100 miles was done in 2:49:46 averaging 35.4 mph on a flat out and back course with 3 U turns. 

If you wear bracelets please check out the home page of this website.  If you'd like to get some you please use the special discount code velomobile for 30% off at checkout.

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